Weight Loss: PSA

New year …. New YOU ?!? Trying to lose the same 20 pounds from last year? No,no maybe you're still waiting for your partner to get on board. Weight loss seems impossible when your plus Size right ? Like I always state not matter how comfortable you are with your body nobodies goal is to stay BIG/PLUS SIZE! Check out these quick tips to start your new year weight lose off right!

  1. DO WHATEVER WORKOUT YOU WANT! Don’t skip a certain workout because you think you don’t have the body type for it. Find your comfort zone and do the workout at YOUR pace.

  2. DON'T DOUBT YOUR STRENGTH! Your BMI can help determine a lot. But that’s not all gauge your progress by how YOU feel. When you start feeling the workout is too easy, GO HARDER!

  3. TECHNIQUE IS EVERYTHING! Proper form is always important. Not knowing how to do a exercise properly could increase your risk of injury. Whatever you choose to do, do it at your own pace and comfortability.

  4. MAKE NON-SCALE GOALS! We tend to measure our progress by the scale. The scale is not always accurate. Muscle weighs more than fat. It could be that time of month. Focus on how your feeling, how much your energy has changed. Celebrate your confidence and your consistency with your workouts. Victories don’t have to be based on the SCALE!

  5. DRESS THE PART ! Last but not least dress the part. If you are a fashionista like myself make sure you incorporate that in you weight loss journey. So many brands have extended to plus size. Nike and puma now both have plus Size workout clothing. Don’t go to the gym looking a mess and lose motivation! KEEP IT CUTE! Dressing the part will keep you motivated.


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