FYBS: The World's First AI Powered Curvy Fashion Discovery Application

With the FYBS Mobile App, You can swipe through the hottest items from your favorite designers & brands and find YOUR perfect


How Does it Work?

                         Swipe Right if You        Love It

Swipe Left If You Hate It

Discover YOUR Perfect


The easiest way to browse WHAT you want, WHEN you want, with just a swipe of your finger!


The Idea

The problem: If you're looking for something curvaceously delicious, you have to know how to describe it in words. After that, you have to comb through thousands of websites, stores, and sketchy Chinese importers to find "the one".

The solution: FYBS allows you to browse through images of everything fashion, curated just for you, in a fun way and intuitive way. Using our Smart Swipe feature, we learn more and more your stylistic tastes and preferences, sending more and more personalized content over time.

Style & Quality

We currently partner with over 30 top retailers and designers to make sure our users are able to explore the highest in quality, diversity, and style.

Users can browse content by genre, occasion, or their preferred designer or influencer. While our style partners have the ability to upload their own personal content and inspiration they believe their followers will enjoy, we do our very best to keep make sure our users are seeing the best of the best. 

love find.png

Get Smart

FYBS uses it's Smart Swiping feature to help users discover the fashion that interests them in a fun and efficient way. 

No longer will you need to spend hours scouring the deep web to find the fashion that defines you. Swipe on your way to class, sitting on the subway, or while watching Game of Throne re-runs. 

We'll help you cut though the crap that you're not interested in and help you discover your very own perfect.