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      I use to want you to know I was pissed. I wanted you to know I was determined, ambitious, sexy, knowledgeable, sassy, everything. I use to want to be the "it" girl. The powerful one that everyone seeks for wardrobe reference, advice, and as a ultimate "figure". I wanted the girls to gab and the boys to gawk. However, in my 12 months of reflection, I slowly realized the measure I would take to get that point across. Social media is cool. But if you've followed me for some time, you'll see the decline of particular content in which I post. Less in your face, more ...just me.

      I use to talk a lot. My statuses were very blunt and brash, and while I still believe in every rant I've ever posted, it's just less abrasive. I wanted you to know my every move. I sought out validation from people who wouldn't give me the shirt off their back if I needed it. While I do keep people in the loop on some things, about 70% of my life is private. You will never know who i'm dating, unless it's serious. You will never know of any drama i'm in because I refute and dismiss all sorts of that. Those two things are most important to keep off social media; men and problems. 


      In this year's time, by posting less and tailoring my social media to a more professional caliber so to speak, I've been able to refocus my goals, needs, and wants. Sounds crazy right? Yet, it really isn't. When I spent less time worrying about what you thought, or what you knew about me, I focused myself on simply getting shit done. All the work I put in was nitiated and completed with ease, I was happier, and people weren't always in my business. Ask yourself? Does everyone really need to know that? No? Okay then. While I do love to slay in a good Instagram post, I incorporate a business into it. I make sure it reflects my career somehow, by tagging clothing brands and bringing awareness to me, as a model and a blogger. I post less also, because not every picture is worth posting. 


     I feel energized. More free. More together. I like the pace at which I am headed into because I don't feel pressured into making anyone validated or happy but myself. All of those things I desired to be, has allowed me to be just that; determined, ambitious, sexy, knowledgeable, sassy, everything. That in itself is all too powerful. Things get less complicated when you simply say less and do more.