At this stage in your life, you've probably spring cleaned your closet a few good times, ditched any clothing that reminded you of high school, and began building your "big girl" wardrobe. If you haven't, it's time to start. A big girl wardrobe is a wardrobe with functional clothing, and no, leggings are not always functional. Keep the denim and band tees, keep your comfy sweats, and even keep your favorite pair of leggings. Keep all your favorites.

      However, as a “big girl”, you need to add a few key pieces to your closet for every purpose and opportunity that may present itself. It's nice to have these coveted items, and it's even nicer to look chic and prepared for any event. Check out the list below.


1). A LBD (a little black dress)

      This is a staple and must have for any woman's closet. A LBD is so versatile, and can be worn for just about any occasion; if accessorized right. When shopping for your LBD make sure that it is also length versatile, meaning it's not too short and falls no shorter than about 3 inches from your knee. Don't think of this LBD as a club dress, but rather a work appropriate/ after work drinks, kind of LBD. Pair with a sleek blazer for work, sexy stilettos for a night out, or a pair of sneakers and an oversized denim jacket for a day out with family.


2). Undergarments

      Whether you're a size 2 or 22, undergarments are a crucial factor into a big girl's closet. Why? Undergarments aren’t necessarily meant as a daily need, but are great to have when a function for pictures happens. Events such as a fashion show, weddings, a night out, or even just an interview with a job are all validated reasons to have these little gems readily available. Invest in Spanx and undergarments that will enhance your clothing for the best fit.


3). Nude and Black Heels

      These may be one of the most important staples in a big girl closet. You need a pair of simple, plain Jane black and nude heels. Grab a pair, as they will go with everything in your closet, can be worn for any occasion, and are necessary. You should invest in four pairs. A black and nude sandal heel for the warmer seasons and a closed toed pump for the colder seasons. Simple as that.


4). A Neutral Purse

      Maybe you have a ton of these, maybe you only wear bright colors and print, or maybe you aren't a purse slinging type of girl, regardless; go grab one. Again, when the opportunity presents itself, you want to look top notch for that professional occosian, and besides, you'll need a cute tote to carry your resume and interview essentials in. In terms of neutral, black is always a go. However, switch it up with a cream or tan to intersect different outfits. Avoid slouchy style totes. Opt for the sleek, strong totes that exemplify just how polished you are for this interview.



5). An Interview Outfit

      Nowadays, you get a little more option as the new motto is "dress for the part", however please ensure that whatever you choose for your interview outfits, fits accordingly. Sleek slacks, silk shirts, a nice power blazer, a sexy pantsuit, or a long pencil skirt are all good options. Invest in all if you plan on working in a professional career. There is room to have fun with these outfits and be fashionable. Instead of the common white button up, search for a white button up style shirt with bell capped sleeves, or a wide legged black dress pant.


6). Earring Studs and a clean necklace.

      It's nice to rock our favorite chandelier earrings and our statements necklaces, however keep a pair of studs and a simple chained necklace around to simmer down any look for professional purposes. Store your statement earrings in your new work tote for after work drinks.


7). A Nice Jacket/Coat

      No matter the weather or what coast you are on, never under estimate the power of a clean, cut coat or jacket. For those nights out, nothing says Power Player like a nice coat or jacket to accommodate your outfit.