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DISCOVER: lingerie brand Burgundy Fox 👙In a time where the plus community is reaching new heights, there is a MAJOR breakthrough in fashion for us.

Meet @burgundyfoxco , the newest addition and a whole new meaning to fashion inclusive. Like other lingerie brands, @burgundyfoxco supplies all of the cutest and sexiest pieces in your intimates collection, however what sets them apart? @burgundyfoxco size ranges from  XS-6X and 30A-46K in bra’s; the widest range available to date.

This is MAJOR and vital in fashion and really rings the true meaning of being size inclusive. We love this brand, and not just because they cater to nearly everyone but because of the quality and chicness they offer. Shop @burgundyfoxco today ❤️


      On December 2nd, 25 women braved the New York City cold and strutted in their lingerie in Times Square. #theREALcatwalk was an event to promote self love and body positivity in one of the busiest tourist spots in the world. Model and Current contestant of America’s Next Top Model, KhrystyAna organized the event that took place 4 days after the Victoria Secret Fashion Show.

Photo Credit Instagram @Khrystyana

   “We look at these beautiful VS models and get deeply affected, sometimes not even consciously, by the overwhelming standard of one kind of beauty. Neglecting to represent the many other types or ideals of beauty can make us feel unattractive, as if we need to change to become more like those girls” KhrystyAna told Yahoo Lifestyle. Although she made it very clear that it wasn’t “an anti Victoria’s Secret Runway Show, it was pro ANYONE can catwalk showcase”.

Photo Credit Instagram @Khrystyana

   There was no shortage on diversity during this event, “...women of different cultures, skin tones. There will be transgender women, women of different ages and sexual orientation, full made up face and some with no makeup, waxed or unwaxed legs. All walks of life are welcome and there’s no discrimination” KhrystyAna explained.

Photo Credit Instagram @Khrystyana

Photo Credit Instagram @Khrystyana

   The women who participated were absolutely gorgeous; every roll, big tummy and thunder thigh were on full display for the world to see. Every woman who walked #theREALcatwalk reminds us that all body types are beautiful and if we continue to reject outdated body standards we can break up how unrealistic the beauty industry can be. With that, we can all feel truly beautiful in the skin we’re in.

Written By: Tremaine Tillery

Instagram: tdtaylortill


                                    CONTRIBUTED BY ELLE. F | Instagram : @brilliant.elle)

      A promotion isn’t just a title change and a better paycheck. A promotion gives you purpose and challenges you to be more. Some people can go to the same job, every day, and go through the motions they know oh too well. That’s called being complacent, and that’s also very boring. Not everyone is striving to be great which is unfortunate but hey, it’s perfect for the ones who want more out of life! If you feel it’s time for more, you need to break through that glass ceiling and get what is deserved. It’s not about competition, although why should you settle for less if you’re already doing more? Have the career you deserve, and get paid for it!


      So you’ve been in your position for many months now, and it’s beginning to feel mundane. You show up early, do your job, and stay late while people around you are watching the clock and relating to “is it Friday yet?” posts on Facebook. Maybe it’s time you move on and up! If you actually want to grow within the company, maybe it’s time for some incentive, ahem, a raise. Anytime you’ve become complacent with your job, it’s time for a change. Yes, it’s great you have your daily tasks down pact, and you can basically do it with your eyes closed, but what’s your purpose now?

      You should be trying to out-do yourself, and I’m not talking about agreeing to overtime. I’m talking about taking on tasks your superiors may need help with. This shows you’re interested in learning more, like you said you wanted to at your interview…remember? Once you show you’re able to not only do your tasks, but those of your superiors, you have the juice. The best part of this is that your workday/workweek will fly by now, without having to browse through Facebook to kill time.



      Before stepping into your boss's office demanding a raise, take a step back and reevaluate your goals. If you’re looking to learn more about your company, look to those who you’d like to learn from or help and show them you can do it too. We’re in a rapidly changing world, and companies are competing by using new technology, new equipment, and new techniques. Find out what they are so that you may mention them to your supervisor or boss to help the company, and yourself, duh. Check your company's website or ask around to find out if any positions will open up in the near future. If you’re looking to learn fundamentals or new advances in your position but at a different company, check out what the goal company asks for, and take on the additional tasks so that when you apply, you’re more than qualified.


     If you’re looking outside of your company, I’ve always liked searching on Glassdoor.com to see what positons are open, and how much the average salary is. This also helps if you’re in a position you like, but want a raise and need an idea of how much more you should be asking for. Only you know your worth, but having an idea of what the average salary is gives you the upper hand of how much you can ask for realistically. Glassdoor.com also gives you an opportunity to see what each company offers from reviews, benefits, employee reviews, and even interview questions! No one is ever as prepared for an interview as they think they are, but if you know what questions are asked, you’ll be able to answer them without an awkward pause. Some companies even ask that you memorize their mission statement so better safe, than sorry!



      Now that you have an idea of what your next career step will be, redo your resume. Don’t just edit it by adding your current company, position, and your job description. Ask someone who knows, maybe someone who you are sure has a great resume, and ask them to help you vamp it up. Try ResumeGenius.com if you want expert advice. This is YOUR future so if you must invest, invest wisely. Even if you just browse through the website and check out tips, it’s worth your time. They even send you job alerts so your goals are even closer than you think. It’s a known fact that hiring managers take an average of 6 seconds to look at your resume. Make those seconds count, and don’t get your resume thrown in the trash!


      Whether you’re trying to get a promotion, a raise, or both, you MUST be prepared. It’s important to be thorough so that your request is taken seriously. You have to handle it like the first interview, and bring your best.  Also, talk about yourself like the new person you’ve become from the experience you’ve gained in your position. Your interviewer will have a lot going on so make sure you work on a speech that is short and to the point. Keep in mind, body language is crucial so sit up straight, maintain eye contact (not too much, don’t be weird) and be direct with any hand gestures to show you’re sure of yourself.

1.   Thank them for taking out the time to speak with you. It shows that you understand their time/company time is valuable.

2.   Hand them your brand new resume, and express that you’d like them to take a look at your accomplishments so far within the company.

3.   As you speak, emphasize the importance of your role and your goals for yourself moving forward, as well as for your team.

4.   Include the tasks you’ve either done, or would like to become competent in. If you’re looking for a promotion, this step is especially important.

5.   Mention any advances in your position, and/or in competing companies that you’d like to apply and educate your peers on. Even if your goal is to leave eventually, the experience is priceless.

6.   Assure them that you’ve done your research and ask for your raise in the form on a percentage. If your boss asks what that number is exactly, you may say it, but using a percentage is more professional.

7.   If they counter your offer with an offer you feel is too low, ask to take time to consider it. If they need to get back to you, make sure you let it be known that you’re only willing to go down to X, so to set a standard.

8.   Finally, thank them again for their time and look forward to hearing good news.


      This is your career on the line, so if you feel you’re deserving, make sure you prove it with facts. Don’t worry stating the hours you’ve worked and don’t knock your less than valuable co-workers, they already know all of this. If you’ve proven yourself up until this point, this last phase will happen naturally.



Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 5.26.22 PM.png

      I use to want you to know I was pissed. I wanted you to know I was determined, ambitious, sexy, knowledgeable, sassy, everything. I use to want to be the "it" girl. The powerful one that everyone seeks for wardrobe reference, advice, and as a ultimate "figure". I wanted the girls to gab and the boys to gawk. However, in my 12 months of reflection, I slowly realized the measure I would take to get that point across. Social media is cool. But if you've followed me for some time, you'll see the decline of particular content in which I post. Less in your face, more ...just me.

      I use to talk a lot. My statuses were very blunt and brash, and while I still believe in every rant I've ever posted, it's just less abrasive. I wanted you to know my every move. I sought out validation from people who wouldn't give me the shirt off their back if I needed it. While I do keep people in the loop on some things, about 70% of my life is private. You will never know who i'm dating, unless it's serious. You will never know of any drama i'm in because I refute and dismiss all sorts of that. Those two things are most important to keep off social media; men and problems. 


      In this year's time, by posting less and tailoring my social media to a more professional caliber so to speak, I've been able to refocus my goals, needs, and wants. Sounds crazy right? Yet, it really isn't. When I spent less time worrying about what you thought, or what you knew about me, I focused myself on simply getting shit done. All the work I put in was nitiated and completed with ease, I was happier, and people weren't always in my business. Ask yourself? Does everyone really need to know that? No? Okay then. While I do love to slay in a good Instagram post, I incorporate a business into it. I make sure it reflects my career somehow, by tagging clothing brands and bringing awareness to me, as a model and a blogger. I post less also, because not every picture is worth posting. 


     I feel energized. More free. More together. I like the pace at which I am headed into because I don't feel pressured into making anyone validated or happy but myself. All of those things I desired to be, has allowed me to be just that; determined, ambitious, sexy, knowledgeable, sassy, everything. That in itself is all too powerful. Things get less complicated when you simply say less and do more.





      At this stage in your life, you've probably spring cleaned your closet a few good times, ditched any clothing that reminded you of high school, and began building your "big girl" wardrobe. If you haven't, it's time to start. A big girl wardrobe is a wardrobe with functional clothing, and no, leggings are not always functional. Keep the denim and band tees, keep your comfy sweats, and even keep your favorite pair of leggings. Keep all your favorites.

      However, as a “big girl”, you need to add a few key pieces to your closet for every purpose and opportunity that may present itself. It's nice to have these coveted items, and it's even nicer to look chic and prepared for any event. Check out the list below.


1). A LBD (a little black dress)

      This is a staple and must have for any woman's closet. A LBD is so versatile, and can be worn for just about any occasion; if accessorized right. When shopping for your LBD make sure that it is also length versatile, meaning it's not too short and falls no shorter than about 3 inches from your knee. Don't think of this LBD as a club dress, but rather a work appropriate/ after work drinks, kind of LBD. Pair with a sleek blazer for work, sexy stilettos for a night out, or a pair of sneakers and an oversized denim jacket for a day out with family.


2). Undergarments

      Whether you're a size 2 or 22, undergarments are a crucial factor into a big girl's closet. Why? Undergarments aren’t necessarily meant as a daily need, but are great to have when a function for pictures happens. Events such as a fashion show, weddings, a night out, or even just an interview with a job are all validated reasons to have these little gems readily available. Invest in Spanx and undergarments that will enhance your clothing for the best fit.


3). Nude and Black Heels

      These may be one of the most important staples in a big girl closet. You need a pair of simple, plain Jane black and nude heels. Grab a pair, as they will go with everything in your closet, can be worn for any occasion, and are necessary. You should invest in four pairs. A black and nude sandal heel for the warmer seasons and a closed toed pump for the colder seasons. Simple as that.


4). A Neutral Purse

      Maybe you have a ton of these, maybe you only wear bright colors and print, or maybe you aren't a purse slinging type of girl, regardless; go grab one. Again, when the opportunity presents itself, you want to look top notch for that professional occosian, and besides, you'll need a cute tote to carry your resume and interview essentials in. In terms of neutral, black is always a go. However, switch it up with a cream or tan to intersect different outfits. Avoid slouchy style totes. Opt for the sleek, strong totes that exemplify just how polished you are for this interview.



5). An Interview Outfit

      Nowadays, you get a little more option as the new motto is "dress for the part", however please ensure that whatever you choose for your interview outfits, fits accordingly. Sleek slacks, silk shirts, a nice power blazer, a sexy pantsuit, or a long pencil skirt are all good options. Invest in all if you plan on working in a professional career. There is room to have fun with these outfits and be fashionable. Instead of the common white button up, search for a white button up style shirt with bell capped sleeves, or a wide legged black dress pant.


6). Earring Studs and a clean necklace.

      It's nice to rock our favorite chandelier earrings and our statements necklaces, however keep a pair of studs and a simple chained necklace around to simmer down any look for professional purposes. Store your statement earrings in your new work tote for after work drinks.


7). A Nice Jacket/Coat

      No matter the weather or what coast you are on, never under estimate the power of a clean, cut coat or jacket. For those nights out, nothing says Power Player like a nice coat or jacket to accommodate your outfit.