All67 Plus Leather

  Designer Jeff Cafone has been making custom leather jackets for men and women in New York after being in a rock band for several years. After being in business for over a year, he noticed that more and more plus sized women were going to him for assistance. He then realized that finding a good plus size leather jacket was hard to come by.

  “When I was fitting women of larger sizes, I was getting feedback from women telling me this was above and beyond anything they’ve ever had access to,” Cafone said. “I am not a plus-size woman, so I did not know. I was like, OK, let’s pause, and I went out and bought every plus size moto-style jacket I could find. I did a ton of research and digging around and saw what other companies were doing, and I was really surprised at the options that were out there and how poor they were.” Cafone told Mic.

   If you’re plus size and ever tried to buy a leather jacket you’ve come across the same dilemma Jeff has. “The biceps and upper arms were consistently tight,” Cafone said. “Also the range of motion across the center back was an issue...”
Jeff decided to help fill the gap. He created the brand called All 67, devoted to women sizes 12-30. 67 refers to the 67% of women who are considered plus size in America.



    Jeff changed the basic design of a leather jacket to allow more arm motion and cropped to fit a wide range of hip sizes. The jackets come in brown and black leather and suede. Jeff is also looking out the environment conscious, offering the Moto jacket in vegan leather and vegan suede as well.


  It’s always great to have more clothing options, but it’s fantastic to have more fashionable options, which is why All 67 is so important.

  “For something as iconic as a leather moto jacket, if you haven’t been a certain size and shape then you have not been able to get one for yourself.”


By Tremaine Taylor-Tillery

IG: @tdtaylortill