The Gucci Belt

Credit:  Beauticurve

Credit: Beauticurve

Gimme a belt! Make it leather! Make sure it’s my size! Oh and I want it to be designer! Not many designers have come into extending their sizing to make us plus size women comfortable. But checking every site for extended sizes or a plus section is a thing of the past.


Plus size women basically want straight clothing in plus size! Sometimes that’s not always a option, so you have to make it one. Find creative ways to add designer into your wardrobe. For instance add a designer belt by checking for it in the men’s section.


Credit:  Curvenvy  

Credit: Curvenvy 


Many plus size fashion bloggers have added Gucci belts to their wardrobe simply by getting a men's belt. Nobody knows where it came from but you! You could also get a straight size belt and wear it on your waist  to cinch it and make it look smaller. Don’t be scared to go in a straight size store and try stuff on it may fit! Never box your wardrobe in because of your size! Here are a few fashionable ladies who have blasted the Gucci belt craze going on right now.


Credit:  Denise Marie

Credit: Denise Marie