Girl Power


"Hair Toss, Check my nails, Baby how you feeling"?

   Don’t know how your feeling but I’m feeling “Good as Hell” about this hot new Lizzo x swimsuits for all collaboration.

   If you haven’t already starting feeling yourself with the release of this totally empowering single then check out the hot new swim suits for all resort 2018 collection promo that will have you begging to take a vacay :

   The short includes plus size recording artist, Lizzo, and her girl gang hitting the beach in a variety of swim suits for women of all different shapes, sizes, and even ages!  The sexy promo also features the ever so stunning Ashley Graham serving up some real attitude on a jet ski. WHAT!?! Yes, you heard that. Models, music, bomb swimsuits, and jet ski’s.

   Now that you are all excited to start planning your next trip for spring break, check out the swim suits for all  resort 2018 collection here :

Enjoy and prepare to slay your next vacay.


Written by: Lauren Ashley

Instagram: @logregs