The Gucci Belt

Credit:  Beauticurve

Credit: Beauticurve

Gimme a belt! Make it leather! Make sure it’s my size! Oh and I want it to be designer! Not many designers have come into extending their sizing to make us plus size women comfortable. But checking every site for extended sizes or a plus section is a thing of the past.


Plus size women basically want straight clothing in plus size! Sometimes that’s not always a option, so you have to make it one. Find creative ways to add designer into your wardrobe. For instance add a designer belt by checking for it in the men’s section.


Credit:  Curvenvy  

Credit: Curvenvy 


Many plus size fashion bloggers have added Gucci belts to their wardrobe simply by getting a men's belt. Nobody knows where it came from but you! You could also get a straight size belt and wear it on your waist  to cinch it and make it look smaller. Don’t be scared to go in a straight size store and try stuff on it may fit! Never box your wardrobe in because of your size! Here are a few fashionable ladies who have blasted the Gucci belt craze going on right now.


Credit:  Denise Marie

Credit: Denise Marie





Designer Jeff Cafone has been making custom leather jackets for men and women in New York after being in a rock band for several years. After being in business for over a year, he noticed that more and more plus sized women were going to him for assistance. He then realized that finding a good plus size leather jacket was hard to come by. Meet All67

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The Curvy Conference was nothing short of AMAZING. FYBS jetted to Chicago this past saturday  to see all of the beautiful fashionistas represent for the Midwest. Chicago isn't known for fashion, but it's about time they get put on the map. What we gathered was that the beauties in Chi Town love functional fashion. They like pieces that are easy to change from day to night and they don't shy away from color. We snapped a few of these beauties in action at the conference.


Christian Siriano Sprng/Summer NYFW 2018

Christian Siriano Sprng/Summer NYFW 2018

       If there is one common denominator we found on the recent Spring 2018 runways, it was color and personality. Bold hues that not only pop, but command the attention that is well deserved. Pantone released an array of shades last year that ranged from a lively yellow hue dubbed “Meadowlark” to a flamboyant fuchsia shade titled “Spring Crocus”.  

      Designers interpreted the color scale and created some gorgeous collections that were gracing the runways, just a few weeks ago. Graceful dresses and power suits were given a chic city vibe, as they were tinted in bold hues around cherry tomato, turquoise-lime, and violet. Most shows were designed to show the gradient of colors in uniform to transcend down the runways, so audiences could get a glimpse of just how juicy Spring 2018 is going to be.

    For my fashion guru’s that aren’t fond of the vivid color schemes, Pantone also released a classic palette to help balance out the expressive colors that you’ll be seeing on the streets soon. Designers included the classic palette in their collections also, pairing full bright skirts with black turtle necks, or nude detail to break up the high contrasts.

    The most notable designer in FYBS’s book? Christian Siriano. Mr. Siriano showcased his brilliant collection for Spring 2018 NYFW presentation with the enriched forecast in mind, in addition to expressing diversity through plus sized models. As he has in the past, Christian Siriano confidently sent one message to NYFW; inclusivity.

     Expect a bold and daring season this Spring. The beauty in this latest palette is you can start investing in your colorful statement pieces now, and pair them with your winter neutrals to create an ultra-cool girl wardrobe.